Monday, 3 March 2008

Farewell Second Life, Hello VSide!

Every time I go on Second Life I found it tedious and ended up logging off within five minutes. I found it hard to understand. In my tutorial today I was told of an alternative, V Side. I looked at an introduction video to learn more about it and even that grasped my attention a lot more than Second Life did. 
I then downloaded VSide it took about 2 hours to fully complete. I created my account, username- Buttonx. I chose Button because that was my nickname in high school. As soon as the account was finalised music began to play in the background with the choice wether to have it on or off. I kept it on as I was enjoying what was playing, I realized there was a patten of popular songs which were all in the charts. As the program is American I assumed it would all be from the American music charts and what is popular to them.

I then had my avatar in front of me to play around with and make it my own. I began with the outfit and chose the closest thing to what I would wear. Then chose hair, skin tone, eye colour, facial shape etc to what looks the most like me without having to pay anything. 

I then clicked on the 'SHOP' button which gave me a selection of shops I could be teleported to, I chose PCD Boutique. It was insane it was so realistic! Th
ough, like in real life you had to pay for things. I managed to pick myself up free bracelet, there was hardly any free items as they were all sold out too! 
Walking around the different virtual lands was crazy, it is a million times fun than Second Life- very much more teenaged based with fashion, music and clubs to explore. I even found myself downloading music I enjoyed playing in the background.

I then went to check out more music that was being played in the DJ boxes. I really enjoyed some of the music so just kept my avatar there listening to music as I got on with other things.
I then wondering around and found myself in a club, Solja Boy was playing so I did some dancing. Apparently I was doing the 'taraboom', some kind of crazy dance move, then tried out the 'rising sun' - it looked like a dance move my Grandma would do. 

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Rhiannon said...

claire, you absolute geek haha.

i am so trying vside. x