Thursday, 6 March 2008

Day 3 in Vside...

Every time i've been online on Vside i've tried to go on at different times of the day- hopefully finding out a different outcome and atmosphere than the last time I logged in. On the log in page there is a system status it current shows "VSIDE IS OPEN'. Obviously when there is maintenance work going on within the program they might not make the site available for the public. 
Again when I come the "Choose a City" page there is only 3 globes to choose from. There are others others faded in the background I cannot select for whatever reason. I chose NewVenezia to start with- as the status was 'hoppin' it seemed the place to be!

I selected 'The Loft' to explore first. It took me to a lift and you can choose which level to go to. I chose the first on the list which was 'The American Rejects' room. I thought this would be pretty cool but when I entered there was no-one was there- it was just room with a few posters of the band on the walls. You could also watc
h a video of them on the wall which was interesting for a short while, I then returned back to the loft to go else where. It gave me the selection of destinations to teleport to. I then went to 'The Pussycat Dolls' room- that was even quieter! With the same same layout as the last one. Each room is the exact same, but decorated differently to fit the identity of the room.
I then explored around NewVenezia area and found myself in a meditating area. The area reminded me of Japan very tranquil. I then sat down by the pond, across from me were two other people meditating. I wasn't sure how to do that, so, I walked around the pond clicking all the symbols until one was a meditating one. There was a girl sat across from me flashing blue and red continuously- I couldn't work out why or how?
I very quickly discovered that meditating with an avatar isn't that fun and wondered around the area. I ended up in a club called Lax. It was fairly quiet so I wondered around it for a while and sat down in the seating area, then my favorite band came on, Incubus, so I listened to that as I did other things.
I then went to the main plaza where I walked up some stairs into a lounge area and there were four men topless with flamed patterned trousers. Then one girl typed to me "BUTTON, SAVE ME', yeah... I left them to it. Around the corner was another little meditating area, I sat my avatar there for a while whilst I did other things and when I came back, my avatar was GREEN??? I have no idea how that happened, then it started flashing green. 
I went down the the main plaza again and a little man came up to and hugged me and told me he likes green girls. I was so confused, but that made me laugh. I tired to ask another girl why I was green and she replied with "You went in that green thing". What? What green thing?! I then logged off. 

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