Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Day 2 in VSide...

Returning back to VSide seemed very simple as it remembers your username and password, then easily can just hit the login button. I came to the beginning page again where you can choose a city to teleport to. They weren't the same ones that you can choose from as last time I was on it. Maybe the worlds revolve around depending what time you login or what day? I'll try find out, I'm not a 100% how it works yet. I chose RaiJuku and went to the shopping area. As the screen loads up it gives you different tips. "TIP: Ignore- if someone is bothering you, right click and ignore".
I had a change of clothes, decided on a white shirt and black skinny jeans. Reminds me of being young and playing dress up with dolls.
Whilst walking around there weren't many people around, so I just explored and walked towards the south which lead me to the sea. I learnt how to lean (as in the picture above), by clicking on floating symbols they allow you to do actions. They also have these symbols in places where you can sit down (also in the picture above). 
I then got bored of this area as there wasn't much going on. So took myself to a busier area, which I thought would be the dance area, there was bound to be people there. I teleported my avatar to 'The Lounge', which was a dance hall and sitting area with club music in the background. I went to sit down at the bar, and then all of sudden about 5 people decided to dance on top of the bar! I wasn't sure how to do that so just kept sat down.
I then tired out my dance moves again on the dance floor. It's hilarious just watching all the avatars dancing. Then a man came and started dancing with me and kept whispering me questions. You can whisper things so just you and another person can talk without other people knowing what you are saying. Then started asking what my real name was- that scared me a little so I left. I don't like how people can hide there age to others. 
I then went for another explore before I logged off, I found myself on a small balcony which was located off 'The Lounge', it had another floating symbol you could press to make an action, this time lots of hearts came from it. Maybe for lovers to stand under?

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