Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Second Life - Diary Of An Avatar

So i've returned to use my avatar on Second Life- I still don't understand why you aren't able to choose to use your own last name, instead you choose from a drop down list. So I chose the most unusual one- Moomintoog. 
The first time I used Second Life I found it quite hard to understand what exactly to do. It told me to press buttons that weren't even on the screen. The 'Grid Status' updates me on Second Life that the time is 7.40 am, when it's infact 3.56pm by my watch. And there are 44,696 people online right now. 
As I wasn't sure where to go to I thought I'd teleport myself some where- so, La Vista Island it was! I explored around but there wasn't much to do and know one was around, it seemed pretty much deserted and then I fell into a pond I couldn't get out o
f. I then found myself in a club (Kagutech) where avatars were dancing. In total there were 4 out of 10 avatars dancing. 

Then I found myself in the VIP area, where there was sassy ladies lounged out on the sofas and 60's style men with hairy chests and flared red trouser suits. It wasn't really for me so I left and ventured somewhere else.

Then I decided to play around with my avatars appearance, so I teleported my avatar to the Appearance Castle. I went to the Appearance Editor- where you can change your shape to the size of your nose, so I spent some time experimenting with my avatars look.

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