Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Colour And Light- Photos

We were asked in our tutorial to choose a picture that screams colour and light. This is my best friend in Ghana, when she came back she sent me all the photos she took and this one in particular stood out to me. The actual image itself is amazing, she is so high up above everything- as you can see the tops of the trees and all around her is green. The light is breaking through the leaves causing different shades, this gives the impression of light and brightness.


ChArUl said...

This picture at one go seems not to be matching with the theme-COLOR AND LIGHT but when seen artistically the variation in the colors of leaves i.e the variation seen in green color due to light variation makes this picture go perfectly with the theme.

Jools said...

I almost agree totally with CS. Greens work really well. More colour than light for me still.