Sunday, 9 December 2007

Week One !

So here is my first post. My name is Claire Burton, I moved up to Nottingham on the 29th September all the way from Manchester to start university life. Everyone around me is ill with 'freshers flu' I'm bound to get it soon with all the constant partying and excessive drinking - amazing! 
Apart from that this week we have had a few introduction meetings to the course with a few warm up activities to make us feel more comfortable with our surroundings and an idea to what we will be doing throughout the course. Which I thought was a good idea as it gets us working in teams.
In the first session I made a pinhole camera using a 440 ml larger can, then the group was released into the near by area taking and developing photos. The developing process involved 4 different stages:
1) To put the photo paper into a chemical bath so that the image will become visible onto the paper.
2) To put into another chemical used to seal the image to stop the paper reacting to the light.
3 & 4) The last two stages used to protect the photo and wash off left over chemicals.

I took two photos, both taken towards the Waverley Building where we study, as the building itself is quite beautiful and thought the black and white image would develop with lots of interesting shapes. One photo turned out a lot clearer than the other. Due to the size and shape of the camera (larger can) it gives a distorted image. Before I came to Nottingham Trent I studied an Art Foundation course in Stockport, and you chose your pathway for the year (I chose visual communication) you studied photography for a week and for 3 of those days we used pinhole cameras made from shoe boxes, so I had a clear idea of how long I should leave the shutter open for, to expose light. 

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