Sunday, 9 December 2007

Pixilation Continued...

This is our group pixilation film. We discovered a mass amount of problems within this project. Weeks after weeks the project just wasn't getting ANYWHERE. The group bit by bit fell apart and everyone lost interest for the project. Then the new project was introduced (one shot film). So the group was even harder to get together. 
This is what we put together from the small bit of film we had which was approximately only 30 seconds long. Not enough. The quality of the film was also poor. I love the idea that we came up with but the actual outcome was just not up to scratch. We didn't use a tripod so the frames were out of focus and blurry. 
I'm treating this particular project as a learning curve as after Christmas when term 2 begins I am going to shoot my own pixilation and make sure I give myself enough time to complete everything to the standard I believe I can reach. 

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