Sunday, 9 December 2007

One Shot Film - Idea

Both myself and Kirsty have researched into air traffic pollution. Between us have thought up a plot for the film. We thought about mis-en-scene, effects, camera angles and editing.
We're going to film in the very city centre where the busiest city traffic takes place. Bus and taxi lanes, junctions and traffic lights. 
We first tried this idea and failed miserably as we did a filming and then the camera decided to break on us. Not fun. Had to leave it until the next day. The next day, I don't think i've seen it rain for long in such a long time, or maybe thats just because we we waiting for the rain to die down. It just wasn't happening for us. Then it got dark.
That weekend both Kirsty and I had to go home for the weekend for personal reasons and weren't back until the following tuesday morning. 
During midday Wednesday we went to the junction outside the Victoria Centre, set up the camera and tripod and positioned it towards the traffic lights. We filmed the traffic for about 45 minutes until we had enough film for the next stage. Success!
We then went to the lab and attempted to upload and save the film. When I say attempt it was more like five. With us both very new to the Premiere Pro 2.0 program we struggled a lot. 
From this point on we realised there was a lot more work involved then interpreted. As a team we are both very unfamiliar with the programs as both of have studied Graphic Design before coming on to this course, therefore we are used to other programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and did a lot of hand based drawings. 
Things just seem to be getting worse and worse. It is so hard to get the hang of Premiere, I constantly need someone there telling me what to do next! I NEED a book to help me along with the editing! I went to Waterstones to try get one with help with Adobe Premiere Pro but they were no help, looks like I'm going to have to order off Amazon or ask Santa to get me one. 

The idea is that I change colours of the sky and clouds to emphasis the pollution to grays and dark purples, every couple of frames it would turn to those two colours. On selected frames the speed would slow down, as on selected vehicles would have facts and information about air traffic pollution. For example, I noticed when I looked over the film that I had a lot of buses going back and forth past the camera, and as they get in focus , I would erase what is inside the billboards and put my own inside. This would continuously happen throughout the film, with a bus at the beginning with an opening title and then a vehicle at the end with a finishing fact. 

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